The faces behind PicPlease

Lillian J. Hathaway

Lillian (Lilly, omg, please), is a physician assistant and photographer in living and creating in Los Angeles, CA.

Lillian got thru PA school in DC doing weddings, engagement and portrait sessions across the country and internationally in places like Manhattan, New York, Bogota, Colombia, Positano, Italy, Miami, Florida, and all across the East Coast.

She moved to Los Angeles a year ago with $400 and 4 suitcases, because she knew this was the place to CREATE.

She believes photography is interconnected with identity in ways that are REVOLUTIONARY for our generation, and PicPlease is going to meet the new and always changing needs of our generation.

So excited you’re gonna be a part of this!

Elizabeth J. Sanders

Elizabeth is a portrait and wedding photographer based in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is not as cool as LA. Except it literally is.

Not only does Elizabeth care about photography as a way for people to remember the moments of their life well, she cares about making the truth of a situation compelling and beautiful. 

Elizabeth has a lot of questions about Selfies: Why are they perceived as narcissistic? Why do they automatically seem to cheapen “real art”? Why do people tend to think that they wouldn’t make good subjects of good art? 

Maybe she’ll find some answers over the next six months.

Thanks for coming along!